Gabriel’s Redemption

Dear Everyone,

A better title for this post might be “Redemption takes time.” As I mentioned recently on Twitter, God may be able to redeem a human being in an instant, but it takes me a couple of hundred pages. (Or more)

I’m pleased to report that my publisher, Berkley, informs me that the release date of “Gabriel’s Redemption” will be December 3, 2013.  Pre-order information will go up on major online booksellers this week and next, for both ebook and paperback versions.

I’ve seen the cover and I like it a great deal. I’m confident you’ll like it, too.

Here’s a clue:  primordial.

The cover and summary will be posted soon. Information will be released shortly.

All the best everyone and thanks for your patience.  Redemption takes time, but it will be worth it.



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    Dear S♥R,

    This date is so bittersweet….I won’t have any problem whatsoever remembering it as it would have been my mum’s birthday!

    Can’t wait!!


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    Roll on December!!! So long to wait! But what a way to pass the time waiting for Christmas!!

    If it’s as fantastic as your other books, then it’ll be well worth the wait! xx

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    This evokes mental images of steaming vents of volcanic activity surrounded by a molten sea. Lots of heat…maybe some fire.
    SR, you’re killing us here.
    Thanks for giving us a date to anticipate, as it makes it seem more real. Plus, we can mark our calendars!

    December cant come fast enough…
    Wishing you good writing,

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    An image of born again comes to mind with your mysterious clue. After watching The Bible during Holy Week, I think of Baptism, and a verse from John 3:1-21. Will Gabriel be baptized?? You are truly the master of teases. As soon as I can pre-order, I will order several for Christmas gifts. Thank you for gifting us with this endearing story.God Bless!

    Ellie T

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    December 3rd, excellent, now I know when my speculations will be put to an end. Love the second, I’m just like 60 pages away to the ending and I love it. I do hope this last one will have longer chapters, the shorter ones from the second make me wonder and wonder and I just have to go through more chapters whenever I’m reading. SR you’re unbelievably incredible, these two characters are unforgettable. Pray, keep us posted!

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    congratulations SR very exciting news on the release of redemption , already planning for my all night reading marathon as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 3,2013 and the ebook download is complete. I heard you are serving Coffee and dougnuts for us on this evening.

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    Had a look in a dictionary to find out the proper meaning apparantly it means existing from the very beginning u are a tease I’m gonna be thinking bout this for ages, soooooooo excited for December seems so far off

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    I can’t wait! Excited for the cover reveal as well as the blurb. SR you are a wonderful writer. Love the way you make a book sooo sensual by using beautiful descriptvie words.

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    I was thrilled with the achievement of a date! Now it remains to await the arrival of the book in Brazil, I sincerely hope it is not too much after the release of December 3…

    Thank you for being a wonderful author and helpful!


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    Amazing!!! Very excited… I can’t wait!!! Where is you December?
    Congratulations SR and thank you for this series… I love them!!!

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    I am really looking forward to Gabriel’s Redemption. I just got your Google update about the cover and the synopsis… amazing. Thank you for the updates and working hard to complete the 3rd book. :o) It is my favorite series of any author.

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    i cannot wait to read this book. your evocative, as well as provocative, writing style has absolutely woven these characters into my mind like very few others. thank you for sharing your story with the world.

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    The cover is wonderful, Sylvain. I am going to pre-order thru Amazon today for my Kindle. I am so excited and can’t wait. Looks like I’ll be re~reading your books for the 3rd time (HAPPILY)!!

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    I love your new title and cover Sylvain! I am so excited for the new release in December. Will be pre~ordering it for my Kindle very soon. Looks like I’ll be re~reading your books for at least the 3rd time very soon (HAPPILY)!!

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