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Hello everyone.

Thank you for reading and for taking the time to post comments here on my site.

I wanted to mention that comments are moderated. Comments that include spoilers to Gabriel’s Redemption are not posted.

Let me explain.

Even though Gabriel’s Redemption was published in the US and Canada in December, many markets are only just receiving it. And some markets (The very patient Francophone readers, for example) don’t have an edition available yet. (I should mention that Hugo & Cie are publishing the French translation of Redemption)

Out of respect for readers who haven’t read Redemption, I’m not posting spoilers.

I apologize for deleting your very kind comments on the book and your questions about a possible sequel. I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Professor, yet. Certainly, he and some other characters will have cameo appearances in my new book The Raven and possibly other books in that series.

The cover reveal for The Raven will be May 27th. Stay tuned.

All the best and thanks for reading and commenting,


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    I am so happy to read that you are not done as yet with our favorite professor! Certainly looking forward to The Raven as well! No spoilers here! I love your writing, the books and I am sure I will love The Raven as well!

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    Can’t wait for The Raven cover and the book to come out. I am extremely happy that you are not ready to say goodbye to Gabriel yet. One of my favorite character of all time. Now time to reread the series for the 6th time. Much love from Ottawa Canada.

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    Nice write-up! Being able to write creatively is something not all of us are capable of. Count yourself blessed because you have a talent. Getting into the mood in writing does not have a set of rules to follow. ‘To each his own’ is what people say; however, a list of suggestions wouldn’t hurt.mood in writing

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    Mr. Reynald i’m waiting for read your new book. I want to suggest that if are going to make a movie of “Gabriel’s inferno” i’m sure that readers and me will be excited if you take Henry Cavill as Gabriel Owen Emerson PLEASE!.
    Thank you for read.

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