“Gabriel’s Redemption” Release Date & News

Dear Everyone,

The response to yesterday’s post was overwhelming. Thank you for your support.

I heard from readers around the world and the result was unanimous – readers like the title “Gabriel’s Redemption” for the third and final book in the Gabriel Series.

I’m sure you’re eager to hear when “Gabriel’s Redemption” will be released.

(Drum Roll)

“Gabriel’s Redemption” will be released in December 2013.

Release dates are product of a lot of things – the writer’s timeline of finishing the manuscript, the editing process, the publisher’s schedule, etc.  I wanted the third book to be in your hands in 2013 and so my publisher, Berkley/Penguin, and I agreed on December 2013.

All the best everyone and thank you for your continued support,


NB:  Enn would like to say a few words.

Yes, December seems far away. But there are several different events between now and then to make the wait easier:

  • A sexy extended teaser from “Gabriel’s Redemption” via Berkley/Penguin that will be announced soon
  •  The cover reveal  (It’s outstanding)
  •  Alex’s Lemonade Stand “National Lemonade Days Week” Event: June 2013
    • This is the chance for an alternate POV  / Scene
  • Back to School with The Professor Charity Event: August thru September 2013:
    • This is the chance for an alternate POV  / Scene
  • Deck the Halls with Gabriel: December 2013: To celebrate the holidays and the release there will be lots of giveaways, exciting events, and… The Professor.
  • Plus, who knows what other goodies SR will have to announce!  
  • Contests too!

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    1. says

      Bueno esperemos que esa fecha tambien sea la de la fecha de lanzamiento aqui en España porque sino…argggg no voy a poder esperar tanto.

      besos y gracias por al información.

    2. says

      Hola por aqui.
      En España supongo que saldrá unos meses mas tarde y yo me voy a morir de impaciencia con la espera. Pero todos los motivos son mas que entendibles las cosas requieren su tiempo para que estén bien hechas y no cabe duda de que Sylvan hacen las cosas mejor que bien.

    3. says

      Sylvain Reynard,

      I got a doubt.

      This release date is worldwide?

      because it usually takes almost at least 3 months to get here after you launch a book.
      I was very happy to know that we have a good book to expect, but the hope is very long … : (

      but I’m happy! thank you for making these wonderful books!

      Kisses from Brazil!


    4. says

      Well, I guess the countdown begins…something to really look forward to. December can’t come soon enough, which says something when you live in Canada and there’s no end in sight to this winter. Looking forward to a preview!

    5. says

      is a long time since I read 5 times gabriel hell, and 4 times the ecstasy of Gabriel and always want more will be a long and agonizing wait, but it will be worth it because we do not disappoint.

    6. says

      So glad to hear it will be released this year. I’m very excited to see the cover as well. I have been listening to the audio version after reading the books. I have to say they are just as amazing. I’m not one for listening to books but these are so worth it. Thank you so much for sharing your writing with us.

    7. says

      I’m thankful I’ll at least be able to read it this year, granted at the very end, but it’ll be like an early Christmas present. Can’t wait. Thank you Sylvain for creating these characters and world of Gabriel.

    8. says

      December! What a great Christmas present! That’s a long time away yet, but that gives us a long time for re-reads of the first two books. The Professor? Does this mean we might actually get to meet our elusive SR? Gosh! I Can’t wait! (But, of course, I will because I can’t wait to read more about Gabriel!)So excited!

    9. says

      I am happy but miffed at the same time. It seems like the second book came out a while ago and now we have to wait until DECEMBER to read the final book. I get there is a lot that goes into writing and publishing a book because I am in the middle of mine as well but holy dang DECEMBER!!!!!!! I need to go off and cry now…

    10. says

      Diosssssssssss falta mucho para diciembre,y el que espera de desespera…pero bueno sera un regalo de navidad maravilloso,y me volveré a leer el infierno de Gabriel y el extasis de Gabriel,antes de comprar el tercero muchas gracias. ! Sylvain Reynard!,

    11. says

      I know December is a long way off but there’s lots of good books being released in the mean time to keep me going…. ok, maybe none quite as good as the enigmatic Gabriel Emerson (with the exception of Gideon Cross who is a very equal adversary). I will hang on your every word waiting for teasers, out takes etc and start my wish list to Santa now with Gabriel’s Redemption at the top!
      Thank you for book three.
      I’m happy :-)

    12. says

      Gabriel’s Redemption is nine months away. It is like being pregnant and waiting for the birth of your third child with great anticipation. Your book will be the best birthday and Christmas gift this year. Thank you for your beautiful story.

      • says

        LOL. You described it perfectly. And wondering what the story would be like – how it would play out – is like waiting until the birth to find out what your baby’s gender is.

    13. says

      I love the title of the book, but I hate the release date is so far off! However, I’m sure it will be worth the wait. Now I have another reason to look forward to Christmas!!!

    14. says

      Dear Sylvain,

      I was crying like crazy this morning reading “Gabriel´s Rapture” and although everybody seeing me today was wondering about my swollen eyes, I want to thank you for the truly beautiful story of Julianne and Gabriel.

      So December it is, he?! Can´t wait for Christmas now! I am even considering heading to Toronto in the meantime, as it seems that hot professors are hiding there.

      Thank you so much for the your effort you put into this story. In secret, I am hoping that there will be a fourth and a fifth book 😉

      All the best from Germany!

    15. says

      I’m so excited, I can’t wait for “Gabriel’s Redemption. I love the title! This is going to be a really long year until the release. I look forward to some teasers throughout the year. Thanks for sharing your talents.

    16. says

      Loved his two books! I read the first in Portuguese and English second. I was delighted with the characters and the story, replete with references to literature, art history and music … Gabriel Emerson became my favorite character, along with Jamie Fraser from Diana Gabaldon. The books are wonderful and the scene in which Gabriel talks (discuss) with Julia through her classroom and her lecture (ou speech) in Florence, are perfect and very original!

      The depth of the topics you treat through the characters and their knowledge and beliefs, experiences, feelings and faith are wonderful.

      I sincerely hope that the next book characters grow even more and that Julia mostly mature and that the relationship of Julia and Gabriel deepens, always with all the delicacy and depth.

      Trips to wonderful cities, art and literature classes through the lives of two characters so incredible is a wonderful thing. I wish I could see different peerspectivas Julia about Dante or about Abelard and Heloise, something that shows her intelligence and maturity.

      Thank you for your books and for sharing your gift!

      Best regards and greets from Brazil,

      Have a blessed Easter!


    17. says

      Soooo excited Sylvain! So exited!! Time goes quickly, so it is worth the wait. It also gives me a chance to re~read the other two books a couple of more times, lol. Wonderful!! Primordial??? This is going to be so exciting to see the new cover which is very important. PS love the title!!

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